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seeBOOST featured in WFAA ‘Pay It Forward’ news story

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RICHARDSON – November 29, 2018 – Click here to see the news video:

A Mesquite, Texas resident and seeBOOST user was the subject of a highly rated story on the evening news broadcast by the Dallas ABC affiliate, WFAA Channel 8. Don Douglas was previously featured on WFAA for his generosity in personally paying for children’s school lunches whose families could not afford even those modest costs. This simple act of kindness led to a local movement in the Mesquite Schools to make sure that no child went unfed.

While watching the story, a member of the Evergaze team, Steve Harris, noticed the severe vision loss Don suffered and recognized that his vision and life could be improved with seeBOOST. The Evergaze team was so moved by Don’s kindness, they decided to ‘pay it forward’ by gifting Don his own personal seeBOOST.

The story shows his return to the school to see the young students’ faces for the first time and also to actually read them a story. Don continues to mentor and read to the students at Florence Elementary on a regular basis.

About Evergaze

Evergaze, the developer and manufacturer of seeBOOST®, pioneered a new category of disease-specific prescription glasses to help those coping with vision loss from AMD and Diabetes. The company continues to innovate in developing the world’s first non-implanted “artificial eye”. The company’s goal is to eradicate the impact of vision loss through technology, thus enabling older individuals to benefit from “Vision for Life”.

Blind Breakfast Fundrasier

AB Hailey

AB Hailey (center)

Our Blind Breakfast was a rousing success, raising funds to recover the visual independence of A.B. Hailey, who is deaf, visually impaired and mute. AB happily recovered his ability to see faces, read, see TV and computers with the use of his new IRIS VISION, an electronic wearable magnifier (see image below). Many thanks to all who made a difference in AB’s life!

Iris Vision

Here are a few videos we took at the breakfast. Please share these videos memorializing this special occasion with your loved ones and friends.

Vision Recovery Center Opens In Las Vegas.

Vision Recovery Center, a non-profit organization recovering independence for the visually impaired, opens in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas, Nevada. 21 December 2016.

According to the World Health Organization approximately 250 million people worldwide suffer from low vision and up to 90% live without vision care due to financial challenges. Although 80% of all vision impairments can be corrected or repaired, those issues left unattended can escalate to more severe impairment.

The Vision Recovery Center is dedicated to assisting financially challenged children and adults impacted by low and impaired vision with education, therapy and technology to improve vision and quality of life, to offer hope and ensure the opportunity to achieve the best vision possible.

Rather than end up failing or dropping out of school into a truant life, children struggling to see the blackboard, read textbooks and participate in school activities and sports will benefit – reaping the opportunity to engage in education and the endless possibilities of a prosperous future.

Instead of succumbing to the dreaded dependence on family, friends and caregivers when reading, writing and watching television is no longer an option, when driving is forbidden and recognizing a loved one’s face is a struggle, older adults will benefit with professional vision care, proper diagnosis, and recovery of independence.

Children and adults with low vision continue to struggle with day to day functions and often hide impaired vision due to embarrassment and fear.

Many don’t know there is hope and rehabilitation when glasses, surgeries and medication no longer help. Society grieves but conditions are often accepted because we wrongly believe there are no more options. Instead we invest tremendous amounts of time and money and a variety of countless resources to bandage problems – not solve them. Education, therapy and technology for low and impaired vision is rarely considered.

The Vision Recovery Center is the brainchild of Low Vision Therapist Sandy Yesnick, OTR/L SCLV – the only Low Vision Therapist in Nevada.

For nearly twenty years Sandy’s passion has proved to those with low and severely impaired vision there is possibility and opportunity through education, therapy and technology. Sandy’s energy and drive, and her never-give- up attitude have proved life changing for many patients as she helps them to achieve their fullest vision potential

Tax deductible donations in any amount are gratefully accepted and can be made payable to Vision Recovery Center, sent directly to:

Vision Recovery Center
9191 West Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89147

ATTENTION: Charitable Donations

All proceeds directly benefit children and adults in need of professional vision care.

Vision Recovery Center Hosts Free Seminar

* Vision Recovery Center Hosts Free Seminar *

Surgical Treatment for Age-Related Macular Degeneration

An in-depth presentation with Q & A about CentraSight ® – the first-of- its-kind telescope implant for patients with end-stage age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

The telescope implant is the only surgical device approved by the FDA for treatment of the disease.

The Las Vegas team includes an impressive lineup of eye care professionals:

  • Dr. Jack Abrams Cornea Surgeon, Abrams Eye Institute
  • Dr. Paul Casey Cornea Surgeon, NVISION Eye Centers
  • Dr. Peter DeBry Cornea Surgeon, Nevada Eye Surgery
  • Dr. Russell Jayne Retina Specialist, The Retina Center at Las Vegas
  • Dr. David Yesnick Optometrist, YESnick Vision Center
  • Sandy Yesnick Low Vision Therapist, YESnick Vision Center

Saturday, December 3

2:00 – 3:30PM

(event includes raffle prizes & a gift bag for everyone)

JW Marriott At The Resort At Summerlin

Edge Ballroom (by Spiedini Ristorante)

221 North Rampart Boulevard

Las Vegas, NV 89145

(702) 507-5900

To register for this free seminar call YESnick Vision Center at (702) 906-2517.

For more information visit to or call 1-877- 99SIGHT.

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